FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, The Noggle has been tested by the Consumer Product Safety Division (CPSIA) and has been tested by Car Seat Safety Tech’s.

Yes, The Noggle has been designed to fit almost all vehicles. If the vent design is very different like the Chevy Equinox or the GMC Terrain we developed a special dash plate in the Extras Section that works perfectly.  We also have a rectangular rubber gasket and a circular rubber gasket that will help get a better fit with some of the odd shaped vents.  

The Noggle’s lifetime warranty covers only the plastic end pieces of the Noggle, not the cover, fan, or the tube itself.  We have new covers available for purchase on our website. 

There is a 60 day warranty on the fans.

If you have an issue with your Noggle, please email service@nogglenation.com. You have to have proof of purchase provided and are required to pay for shipping.

We accept returns within 30 days of receipt.  Once we receive your Noggle back it will be 5 -10 business days for refund processing. We do not pay or refund for return shipping.  If you are within the return time window and would like to return your Noggle, please email service@nogglenation.com to get a return authorization code. Remanufactured Noggles cannot be returned. 

Please click on our link to go to our instructions if this has happened with your shipment. 

Missing Package

We are a small business building and manufacturing the Noggle in our warehouse in north Idaho.  All of our components come from different locations in North America, and we do the final assembly in beautiful Coeur d’Alene Idaho. Come visit. 

We offer free shipping on orders $35 and up placed within the USA.  We also have other shipping options for faster delivery or international shipments.

You can either reach us through email at service@nogglenation.com or text us at 208.487.5711. Email will get you a faster response.

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