Missing Package? ~ Does your shipment tracking show delivered but you have not received your package?

Thank you for choosing The Noggle. We understand the convenience of shipping your order promptly and in perfect condition. Once your order departs from our warehouse, the delivery process is entrusted to external carriers, and while we don’t handle the packages directly, we’re committed to assisting you in case of any issues. If you’ve encountered challenges with a missing package, please follow the steps outlined below. Keep us informed throughout the process, and rest assured, we’re here to work with you to resolve any concerns and ensure your satisfaction with our service.

  1. Please wait 3 business days if your package has not shown up to account of unforeseen shipping issues.  We see this happen all the time, where tracking shows delivered but the package shows up a few days later.
  2. If your package has not shown up after 3 business days, contact the carrier, either USPS or UPS and see what information they can give you on the missing package.
  3. If they are unable to locate the package, put a claim in with the carrier.
  4. Once you completed steps 1-3 reach out to us with all the information you have received and we can work with you to get your order sorted out.  Email us at service@nogglenation.com

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