Frequently Asked Questions


Is your product safe and tested by a 3rd party group

- Yes The Noggle passes all the CPISA testing standards


Will It work in my vehicle

- Yes there are a small list of vehicles that it does not work well in but will still work

Challenging vehicles are the

Chevy Equinox, GMC Terrain, 2016 Nissan Murano,


What is the lifetime warranty

- We stand behind our product but only to manufacture defects, if the user physically breaks the product that is not covered. If you have a defect please email service@nogglenation.com and mail us the part back. We are happy to replace the product but we do not cover shipping.


What is your return policy.

- We except returns or exchanges within 30 days of receipt. We do not pay for return shipping.  Please email service@nogglenation.com if you are looking to return or exchange your Noggle so we can get an authorization code sent to you in order to process your return quickly and properly.


Is the product made in North America

- Yes we source and assemble all the components here in our factory


Can we make money selling or referring your product?

- Yes we love people that spread the word about us visit bit.ly/hotout for more details